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Sulfur, Sulfuric Acid & The Contact Process

£4.00£12.00 +VAT


  • supports specific 14-16 Chemistry courses – see above!
  • fully html5 compliant and cross-platform ready.
  • 27 slides – featuring animations & superb graphics.
  • used in hundreds of UK and International Schools.
  • a unique presentation – not available anywhere else.
  • benefits from the staged display of information.
  • suitable for standalone devices & networks.
  • single user, site and VLE licences are available!

To upgrade a licence at any time – just contact us
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£4.00 +VAT
Single user has access to the presentation. Non-commercial use only.
£8.00 +VAT
All department staff have a personal copy of the presentation. Students access the resource at school. Non-commercial use only.
£12.00 +VAT
All department staff & students have access to the presentation at school and at home. Non-commercial use only.